Do you want to set boundaries without feeling overwhelmed, reactive, or shut down?

Bulletproof Boundaries Masterclass

For the Highly-Sensitive Empath

Learning the language of boundaries is like learning a foreign language; it is a lifelong process. Whether a total beginner or seasoned in your “no,” this workshop will cover how to navigate all stages of boundary setting.

You will learn how to create an "unfuckwithable" energy to calmly and confidently set boundaries

You’ll also receive personalized help, guided energy work, practice writing and speaking boundaries, and learn the Bulletproof Boundaries Formula to support you moving forward. 

You will understand the common mistakes and pitfalls of boundary setting, and how to avoid them.

Course materials and recordings are included for future reference.

In this Masterclass you'll Receive

Bulletproof Boundaries Formula

Learn a simple, effective formula to utilize for setting boundaries and implementing healthy communication for the future.

Nervous System Re-patterning

Re-wire your brain out of trauma response into calm, conscious communication. Become more aware of your NS patterns, letting them guide you into a tempered response.

Guided Energy Work

Remove blockages and imprint healing deep within your cells. We will use visualizations to embody the confidence and clarity to authentically express your needs and feelings.

Personalized feedback

One-on-one access to me for questions, individual situations, and troubleshooting to become fluent in the language of boundaries.

Your Body Keeps the Score

Why does it sometimes feel impossible to remain calm and composed when setting boundaries?

Your ability to set boundaries mirrors your ability to regulate your Nervous System, as the effects of trauma highly influence the ability to communicate calmly and clearly.

The material in this course combines effective, non-violent communication strategies and nervous system re-patterning techniques. Through this course you will learn how to adapt to challenging situations with flexibility and ease in body and mind.


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