1:1 Coaching

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Are you looking to gain clarity and understanding of yourself and your direction?

In 1:1 private coaching sessions, I help support and guide you on your journey towards self-empowerment, embodiment, and confidence.

Life Coaching

My life coaching sessions are tailored around your specific needs and goals, and may include multiple techniques such as guided meditation, visualizations, somatic experiencing, nervous system re-programming, mindset shifts, shadow work, energy work, breathwork, psychic activation, trauma recovery, and more. 

I provide structure through writing, planning, and journaling to help you execute action steps.


If you’re looking for a supportive and compassionate coach to help guide you on your journey, then I’m here to help. If you are ready to make the commitment to change your life and want support and accountability, book a session today to get started on your journey to confidence and empowerment!

Areas of Expertise

Empowerment & Embodiment Coaching

For those going through a major life transition and want to get unstuck from old patterns. Together we will implement perspective shifts, mindfulness tools, energy work, shadow work, action planning, and a range of physical and emotional techniques to inspire and upgrade your life.

Relationship Coaching

For individuals or couples struggling in their marriage, intimate relationships, family dynamics, or work relationships. We will focus on communication strategies and examine the needs of the relationship ecosystem, and implement tools to find clarity and bring joy back into your relationships.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions become stuck in our bodies causing physical pain and disease when unaddressed. Emotional intelligence is VERY important because our emotions carry specific information to help us heal. This theme is for those who feel stuck emotionally and want to work on releasing emotions.

Trauma Recovery

Coaching focuses on regulating and re-patterning the nervous system, releasing stuck trauma from the body; guided shadow work, energy work, and meditations; somatic techniques, and healing/activating the throat chakra. We will work on communication, boundaries, and empowerment.

Effective Communication

Strategic communication is woven into all themes of my work. Improving your communication skills will improve ALL areas of your life. If you want practical help with communication in specific situations, we can focus on writing, speaking, and engaging in conflict with grace and confidence.

Shadow Work Session

Carl Jung described the Shadow Self as the parts of ourselves that we view as shameful, bad, negative, or wrong. At some point in our lives (usually at a young age), we learned that these parts were “unacceptable” to the people around us in some way – maybe we were shamed for crying, punished for being angry, or ridiculed for being proud of ourselves. 

We learned that we must repress or deny these parts in order to receive love.
However we try to repress and hide these parts, they are still pieces of who we are. They are unhealed wounds that are usually at the core of our triggers, and in conflict these wounds lash out in order to be witnessed and healed. It may even be our Inner Child calling to us to come back home to the whole, integrated Self.
Shadow Work sessions are for those who desire a deeply healing experience. Similar to visualization meditations or hypnosis, I guide you on a journey to reconnect with these fragmented parts to bring them back home with love and care.

Ready to begin?